02 August 2012


2012 seems to be the Year of the Wedding in my circle. In fact, my sister joined the party and got married on the thirtieth of June! A wedding, of course, is just one part of a package deal that includes lots of parties and showers (and so much cake... I'll miss that). The abundance of celebrations and invitations gave me a chance to try out my version of calligraphy. 

 For a lingerie shower hosted by the sensational Ashley Davis. 

 Mary had a LOT of guests at her wedding, which meant a lot of invitations. She had a real, formal invitation, but then also asked me to whip up a more youthful (aka cheaper) version as well for college and high school friends. Here's the finished product and the addressed envelopes. 

Nothing's better than getting something special in the mail, so you might as well make it a beautiful something!


  1. You are so incredibly talented! I thought Mary's wedding was INCREDIBLE, and apart from her intense beauty and preciousness, your designs were the star of the show. you are simply delightful.