23 May 2013


Our final day in Cape Town took us to Robben Island, where political prisoners (most notably, Nelson Mandela) were kept in the days of apartheid. Visiting the island was incredibly special. South Africa has been largely freed from the ugly bonds of segregation and racism thanks to brave men like Mandela. We were guided around by an ex-inmate of the island and got to see the cell where Mandela was imprisoned for over eighteen years. Sadly, we later reluctantly boarded a late-night flight back to Jo'burg and returned to reality. 


photo credit: Hayley and Katy

21 May 2013


We took to the high seas on Day Three for a little great white shark cage diving. Or, in the case of Hayley and me, a little great white shark sighting from a safe distance. Let's just say the experience was interesting and enlightening... who knew we all suffered from such debilitating seasickness?! Please refer to the "after" photos for our feelings about the day.  Despite pretty rotten weather and getting to see our breakfast in reverse, we did see some HUGE sharks, which was amazing!


photo credit: Hayley and Katy

20 May 2013


I can confidently say Day Two in Cape Town was one of the best days of my life. I have always dreamed of going to the Cape of Good Hope, so I was in HEAVEN the whole day we were there. We truly were going "to the ends of the earth" as we trekked to the southern-most point of the continent of Africa. Can you imagine the almighty hands that crafted those mountains and poured that ocean?

Day Two: Cape Point, the Cape of Good Hope, V&A Waterfront


photo credit: Hayley and Katy

19 May 2013


Last week a few of us flew down to Cape Town for a little holiday. I've heard rave reviews of Cape Town, so I wasn't quite sure if it would live up to all the hype. Well, it exceeded my every expectation! I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I was blessed enough to be alive in that spectacular city. I couldn't narrow down the photos for just one post, so I'll cover each day of the trip. The whole week was one huge "hallelujah!" as we worshiped the Creator in the midst of His finest work. My heart is so full it almost hurts. 

Day One: Table Mountain, Chapman's Peak, Penguin Colony, and Simon's Town


photo credit: Hayley and Katy


Jay and Katherine granted me the enormous privilege of guest blogging on Hope Heals today! Check it out here!

07 May 2013


We spend Wednesday afternoons playing with friends in a little green oasis in the center of Alex. We tell Bible stories, play cards, make crafts, and compete in some pretty heated Duck-Duck-Goose. The Lord is allowing our numbers to grow, so we now have about forty kids coming each week. These clever, hilarious, sweet children have become true friends, and I love them dearly!

ratang bana