sometimes i just get overwhelmed by how cool my friends are. 

i am blessed to know some of earth's loveliest people. i want to write down everything they say and listen to all the music they like and meet their families.
i also want all my friends to get to know all my other friends. but sometimes connecting all the cool people you know just isn't possible.

so i decided to start this blog -- a place where one amazing person can read about another amazing person. where friendships can be made and connections established. where you can find out about someone whose path may have never crossed yours.

everyone has an interesting story to tell. hopefully this blog can be a megaphone for some of my friends to tell the world about what goes on in their heads. read it and appreciate the god who made us each as an individual.

adp has also evolved into a space for sharing nice details of life, which are just about as delightful as the people i interview.