18 June 2012


 a few weeks ago (okay, it was months! i'm a really lazy blogger!), my sweet girl caroline decided it was time for a change. she changed her shirt. she changed her shoes. she changed her name (to john michael), but none of these changes seemed to hit the spot. so she decided to change her hair. 

 one last fully blonde moment in the parking lot. 

such fashionable and versatile clip-on bangs, bekah!

her inspiration collage, complete with the what-not-to-do look (bottom right, obviously.)

i think rebekah and i read like three young adult science fiction novels in the amount of time it took for caroline's hair to marinate. 

a veritable rainbow spectrum of reactions.

 we couldn't resist the punniness of a pinkberry run. i think caroline felt a closer connection to the frozen yogurt than she ever had before. she really gets it now, ya know?

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