18 July 2011

happy birthday, (original) beautiful.

 it seems to be raining birthdays around here! we celebrated my mom's life this week with dinner, presents, and a trip to see transformers 3 (yeah, weird movie choice...)
my brother and sister-in-law sent my mom a birthday package with a recipe book from a bakery in san francisco called miette. this place is heaven on earth, if your idea of heaven involves glass cases brimming with miniature pastel-colored cakes almost too beautiful to eat.
mine does.
inspired by the cookbook, mary and i decided to bake a cake. after attempting to replicate a miette cake, we were so discouraged and terrified that i ended up googling "easy chocolate cake." hey, at least we put in some decorative effort with the raspberries on top.
i don't know how much they liked it, but i thought it was pretty great. i mean, i did eat it for breakfast the next day, or whatever.

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