31 December 2012


[january]: passion 2012, followed by the annual janterm in california.

[february]: participated in step sing for the first time!

[march]: celebrated my birthday during spring break in LA.

[april]: journeyed to six flags and passion city church in atlanta. 

[may]: followed up mary austin's nursing school/college graduation with a trip to new york.

[june]: mary austin + andrew forever!

[july]: a post-wedding week of beach rehab and a family reunion in san marcos, texas.

[august]: spent the month in lexington with some of my favorite people and saw
mumford & sons live in louisville. 

[september]: spent a magical weekend in knoxville

[october]: ran up to lexington for fall break, then the fantastic four made
our annual jaunt to nashville

[november]: saw ben gibbard in atlanta, then celebrated thanksgiving in florence.

[december]: took a girls' trip to opryland, then made too many
wonderful christmas memories to count with friends and family in montgomery.

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