02 May 2012


*i realize i'm a little late, but it can bleed into may...

[one] "ho hey" by the lumineers
the video is definitely worth sharing... view it. view it now!

lumineers! four for you, lumineers. you go, lumineers.

[two] "somebody that i used to know" by gotye

[three] "we will all be changed" by seryn
*seryn played at samford this week and absolutely blew the collective mind of the student body.

[four] "one foot" by fun.

[five] "simple girl" by dale earnhardt jr. jr.

[six] "L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N" by noah and the whale

[seven] "she said yes" by mumford & sons
*wonderful song, but let's just say marcus mumford's recent marriage is a sore subject for me...

[BONUS] "what makes you beautiful" by one direction... i mean what?! no, i am not ashamed. i am not ashamed of my love for 1D, or that i use the official abbreviation, 1D.
literally, if you have five minutes left to live, just use them to watch this video. FULL SCREEN, FULL SCREEN.

so, tell me. who's your favorite? boyish harry? zayn, with his saucy urban vibe? or niall, who recently procured some much-needed orthodonture, ptl? 

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